"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."
The Hundred Principles - A basic Occult text that describes general essence types and various materials and methods that effect them. (Serves as a Mentor for learning up to Occult 2.)

Assorted Charts, Notes, Essays, Etc. of Various Traditions of Occultism - a set of scrolls, pamphlets, and loose sheets of paper, collected seemingly at random into five parts, each in it's own separate leather folder. It delves into Occult traditions from every corner of the world, some quite obscure. The notes assume a thorough grounding in many areas, so this set of notebooks is not for beginners. (Min Occult 2, counts as a mentor to raise your Occult to 4 or to give the first degree in any one Thaumaturgic Art.)

Liber Paginarium Fulvarium - A very large and rather dry manual of summoning. The first section deals with thaumaturgic summoning rituals and contains rituals for summoning spirits, elementals, demons, and ghosts. The second section is for sorcery and contains the spells Summon Elemental, Demon of the First Circle, and Emerald Circle Banishment. The Third (and largest) section is an exhaustive list of names of demons, elementals, ghosts, and gods along with a few notes about each one (mainly the preferred binding plate, but there may also be some notes about the being in question's personality.) Banned by the Immaculate Order.

Beyond the Saigoth Gates - First Age treatise on the Wyld, with an appendix of discussion notes on what the Saigoth Gates could actually be. (Can serve as mentor to add +1 Occult, max 4 dots. Can also teach up to two specialties in the Wyld)

The Book of Devon - Generally considered a hoax by those in the know, as Devon destroyed all of his books, this book claims to be the ultimate manual for the Devonian School. It starts with the Devonian Absorption and gets more technical and abstruse from there. (If real, it could teach the Devonian Absorption and serve as an invaluable reference document for creating spells in the Devonian Tradition, halving the research time.)

Liber Athenaeum - A Mythical artifact that was reputed to contain everything ever has been written, is being written, or ever could be written. (if it exists it is artifact N/A or possibly an incarnate demon of some kind. Either way, never ask for the Broken Winged Crane)

The Syrtis Dossier - A semi-mythical Heavenly Document, variously rumored to be a transcription of Xaos's Rantings with Nara-O's comments, a record of every infraction a prominent Sidereal has ever committed (the name changes depending on the rumor), a list of forbidden gods and how to contact them, or even the true weights of each of the Five Maidens (and their measurements).

The (blank) Dossier - Insert a cool word here for a nifty Sid Adventure Seed or bit of color.

Famous Hearthstone Amulet Designs From RY 100 to 500 - Just what it says on the cover.

Mnemon Navia's Hundred Proper Actions For The Upright Person - Similar to the Thousand Correct Actions, this text is constructed as a set of 100 axioms, along with commentary on each, and serves as a manual for how people should live together in an orderly fashion. Has been considered the definitive work on Realm Etiquette for the last few centuries. (Serves as a Mentor for teaching Socialize up to 2.)

The Five Artifacts - A discussion of the semi-mythical Regalia of Brigid. It includes a complete list of the powers they are reputed to have, likely resting places, and many warnings on what could happen if they are misused.

The Sperimin Manuscripts - A small number of books, scrolls, text fragments, and enchanted crystals that are reputed to be from Lost Sperimin. Recovered en mass from a Shogunate Artifact Cache, the works run the gamut of subjects, but they all seem to date from the First Age. Currently housed at the Heptagram, the Imperial Library has been trying to add it to their collection for many decades now.

The Well-Flavored Aspect: Essentials of Recognition of Landforms - A highly technical treatise that consists of worked examples and case studies of certain famous manses and demesnes, going step by step through the various oddities of their construction.

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